Gaga x JRP|Next

Gaga was conceived as an extension of the late production office Perros Negros. Capitalizing from its previous experience, the gallery began its operation as a commercial gallery in January 2008 with Claire Fontaines solo show “Capitalism is not working”. The gallery’s interest is that of representing both local and international artists from different generations and presenting their work in Mexico.

We operate in close relationship with our artists whom, concurrently, develop works in diverse fields, collectives, brands and galleries. Benefiting from Mexico City’s ambivalent position as both a peripheral locality and, in some cases, a central appendix of the global art system, Gaga aims to establish an open and mutating structure that incorporates its free experimentation possibilities with a serious commitment to its artists. After fourteen years of the gallery’s foundation and with the gallery’s expansion with a second location in Los Angeles, we are eager to revise our own history and continue supporting the evolution of our represented artist.