Our Artists

Alfredo Aceto Born in 1991 in Turin (Italy), Alfredo Aceto is a visual artist based in Switzerland. He studied fine arts at ECAL (Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne). His work has been exhibited in many international surveys, including DOC!,Paris, Villa Médicis, Rome, Museo del 900, Milan, Centre d’Art Contemporain de Genève, Geneva, and Kunsthaus Glarus, [...]

Amélie Bertrand Born in 1985, the painter Amélie Bertrand immediately gained recognition on her graduation from the School of Fine Arts in Marseille. By means of her impeccably smooth execution, the artist is able to distance herself from ideal landscapes inspired by nature, and shape decors that fall somewhere between dreams and nightmares. The planes [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST Jenny Brosinski The great freedom that Jenny Brosinski (Germany, 1984) gives her painterly elements are unmistakable. Colors and lines breathe here, show themselves as an open work and conceal nothing. Between color, dynamics of strokes, large letters, scribbles, folds, lines and footprints – these statements are just not as clear as language [...]

Julien Ceccaldi Born in 1987 in Montréal, Canada. He lives and works in New York. Through painting, drawing and comics, Julien Ceccaldi depicts characters in search of love and success. Inspired by the archetypes of the Shoujo manga tradition, his stories focus on personal and sentimental relationships involving androgynous beings. His body of work depicts [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST Victoria Colmegna Victoria Colmegna (Argentina, 1986) lives and works in Buenos Aires.   Filmmaking at FUC, Buenos Aires / Fine Arts Meisterschule Städelschule, Frankfurt. In her work V.C engages with the styles and dynamics that dominate closed systems like cliques, schools or parties, self-critically reflecting the making of the amateur artist’s oeuvre as a self abusive practice.  [...]

Jonathan Edelhuber Jonathan Edelhuber (born 1984 in Hope, Arkansas) is a Tennessee based artist who works primarily in painting, drawing, and sculpture. He received his BFA (emphasis in graphic design) from Harding University in 2007. He has participated in group shows around the world and has been the subject of several solo shows both in the US and [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST Ekene Emeka-Maduka Ekene Emeka-Maduka is a visual storyteller based in Treaty 1, Territory 1 (Canada). She camouflages into characters in somewhat relatable backdrops that subtly subvert reality. She achieves relatability in her work through semiotics from mundane moments with commonplace significance in her home country, Nigeria, pit against moments potentially recognizable globally. [...]

Danny Ferrell Born and raised in Pennsylvania in 1991, Danny Ferrell received his BFA with Distinction in Painting from Pennsylvania State University, State College and his MFA in Painting from Rhode Island School of Design. His work has been shown in exhibitions in the U.S. and Canada, including a solo show «He’s American» at Pittsburgh [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST Travis Fish Travis Fish (b. 1989, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin) attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has exhibited both nationally and internationally. His paintings have been included in exhibitions at Jupiter Contemporary, Miami; Gana Art, Seoul; Carl Kostyál, Stockholm; Duve, Berlin; Superzoom, Paris; CANADA, New York; and Eric Firestone [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST Marcela Florido Marcela Florido (b. 1988, Rio de Janeiro, B.R.) is a Brazilian visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY. After her studies at the Foundation in Art and Design, Central Saint Martins (London, UK), she achieved in 2013 a BFA from Slade School of Art (London, UK) and completed her academic career [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST Thomas Liu Le Lann Thomas Liu Le Lann (*1994, lives and works in Geneva) is an artist who creates sculptures and installations using multiple techniques such as fabric, glass, wood, photography, poetry and found objects. His environments evoke his own life experiences through a logic of play, subversion and autofiction. Objects he [...]

Emily Ludwig Shaffer “My works are usually tightly rendered depictions of uncanny, intimate, interior spaces and gardens. In the worlds I create, day and night sometimes exist at the same time, perspective falters, and the only figures who appear are stone statues of solid women.  I see these compositions as theoretical explorations of space, light, [...]

Stefan Marx Artist Stefan Marx (born 1979 in Schwalmstadt, lives and works in Berlin) is an actor of the skateboard scene, whose drawings usually adorn productions of his label “The Lousy Livincompany” which was founded 1996. Since then he has worked for numerous Skateboard- & T-Shirt Labels worldwide. His work has been exhibited internationally and [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST Rūtė Merk Rūtė Merk born in 1991 in Lithuania, lives and works in Berlin. Sensitized to ways in which interpersonal distances and simulated identities shape an increasingly precarized present Merk is recognized for creating oil on canvas paintings that input the codified techniques of academic painting to simulate errors in rendering associated [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST Aks Misyuta Born in 1984, Bryansk, Russia. Lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey. Often depicting figures in seemingly impossible, enigmatic or invented situations, Aks Misyuta’s sculptural forms and figures which sometimes appear to be carved in solid matter are instantly recognizable. While not inspired by actual people, these figures are forms of [...]

Daisy Parris Daisy Parris is a painter of psychological space. She is born in the UK in 1993 and she lives and work in London. Direct text-based works and abstract paintings are made up of a vernacular that has developed through experience, relationships and through the depths and the peaks of her human existence thus [...]

Denis Savary Denis Savary, born in 1981, lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland. He is a recognised figure within his generation of Swiss artists. Savary works across forms and media in his creation of dreamlike objects, images and installations. Often reinterpreting motifs and relics from throughout history, he twists them formally and psychologically through shifts [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST Rafa Silvares Rafa Silvares (b. 1984 in Santos, BR) lives and works between London and Berlin. He earned degrees in Fine Arts from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, São Paulo, and in Language and Literature from FFLCH University of São Paulo. His practice thematizes the fixtures of urban life, depicting the inanimate in [...]

Sarah Slappey Sarah Slappey is born in Columbia, South Carolina,  in 1984. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. The paintings of Sarah Slappey contort expectations of the female nude in ways that eroticize the distasteful and brutalize the sensual. Sexual puns and bathroom jokes are squeezed into compositions of fleshy surreality that bulge and [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST Francisco Tavoni Born 1986 in Caracas, Venezuela. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany and Byron Bay, Australia. Francisco Tavoni uses photography as a way to collectively understand the power of affection. He addresses the ego and the generation of identity as a process that can –and furthermore should– occur within the body [...]

Devin Troy Strother Devin Troy Strother is a young American Artist based in Los Angeles. Strother’s work plucks materials out of their expected context and gives them back refigured as complex and multi-layered collages, sculptures and installations that are characterised by a highly spontaneous, unmistakable individual style. Trademark cartoon-like figures striking celebratory poses fill scenes [...]

Thomas Wachholz Born in Germany in 1984, Wachholz studied under Katharina Grosse and Marcel Odenbach at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany.   In his work Wachholz examines the frameworks of specific industrial aesthetics on both a conceptual and a painterly level. For instance, matchbox layouts become motifs in his paintings that are defined in terms of [...]

Romane de Wattewille "Born in 1993, Romane de Watteville is a Swiss and French artist, based in Lausanne, Switzerland. She graduated from ECAL (Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne, 2020), and also has a Bachelor in Art and Cinema History from UNIL (Université de Lausanne, 2016) Her practice as a young painter focuses on figurative painting, [...]